2016     Trailer production for
             K3 Filmfestival, Villach
             Web design for KatharinaDoerr.de
             Subtitles for Transmediale, Berlin
             Camera & Production organisation for Raimund Kummer, Berlin
             Assistant for Distribution & Editing for cynthia Beatt, Berlin
             Web Design for Judith-Stern.de
             Technical assistance for Birgit Hein, Berlin

2015     BluRay Authoring for Peter M. Glantz, Brunswick
             Technical assistance for Birgit Hein, Berlin
             Live visual design for Bildtaktik Wissenschaft Inszenieren, Technical University, Dresden
             Web design for corinnaSchnitt.de
             Web design for RequiemForABird.org

2014     Video production for BlackFlies, Berlin
             Web administration for MILQ, Technical Universität, Brunswick
             Web design for BirgitHein.de
             Video production for Trullesand, Berlin
             Live video for Justine Electra, Volksbühne, Berlin
             Live video for Justine Electra, SO36, Berlin
             Video production for GLANTZ, Brunswick

2013     Web design for schnittraum.de
             Camera for Barry Salzman, Brüssel, Rhodos, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto
             Editing for Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, New York
             Video assistant for Grahame Weinbren, New York
             Assistant of photography for Ellen Silverman, New York
             Video curation for Letter from Pocket Embassy, New York, USA
             Video production for Künstlerstadt, Kalbe an der Milde

2012     Video curation for Letter from Pocket Embassy, Caracas, Venezuela
             Founder of Pocket Embassy, International Video conspiracy
             Co-founder of Scheimpflug Film Society, School of Visual Arts, New york
             Documentary production for Home Sweet Home, Theaterformen, Brunswick
             Video production for Talovka, Berlin
             Camera for Clemens Wilhelm, Berlin
             Camera for Tenderloin, Berlin

2011     Videography for TheaterFormen Festival, Brunswick
             Videography for Up-and-coming Festival, Hanover
             Trailer production for Up-and-coming Festival, Hanover
             Camera for Gen-ethisches Netzwerk, Berlin

2010     Web design for CorinnaSchnitt.de
             Web design for Schnittraum.de
             Web design for AlexGerbaulet.de
             Documentary production for Hans Haas, Berlin
             Trailer production for AnaDoma festival, Brunswick
             Course instructor, Analog photography, Technical University, Brunswick

2009     Video production for TBWG, Brunswick
             Video production for Ecoustic, Brunswick
             Trailer production for Film forum, University of Art, Brunswick