Alte Kamellen

HD | color | 16’15” | 2016 | Lan: GER | Sub: EN, GER

Winter 2013 was when my father retired. His whole life he’d been working as a butcher.He was married 3 times, the last time with my mother, 3 times divorced, fathered 3 children. His world consisted of work, his world view of clear role allocation. Simply a German man, born in 1948. All this was cast in doubt with the end of his professional career. In the film he talks about dark thoughts, his fear of the world and the panic search for meaning. And about his therapy.
My father isn’t an extraordinary man, his story is not singular. Which is exactly, why it needs to be told. The image of the strong, pragmatic man, defined by his ability to provide and a lack of emotion has influenced a whole generation… and its’ descendants. Old photographies, mixed with impressions of his daily routines as well as excerpts of interviews recorded during a journey form the image of a stereotype, only to break it apart and look behind the façade. Exploring the origin of the myth of masculinity I try to find what made my father the man he is today.
This film was produced with the first Carinthian Film Residency.